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Dying to Marry-Coming Spring 2021

COMING SOON-Spring 2021

You may now kiss the bride—and kiss her bridesmaids, goodbye.


Relationship expert Kristina Truly has walked down the aisle sixty-one times, as a bridesmaid, never, ever, a flipping bride. That’s why after her best friend, FBI agent Peter Esposito announces his engagement to Beth, Kristina begrudgingly accepts the dreadful fate of being a bridesmaid—again.


Kristina’s only saving grace is a well-needed holiday to the charming seaside of England for Beth’s bridal shower at her family’s palatial countryside estate. Hanging out with Beth and her much younger, haughty girlfriends isn’t Kristina’s cup of tea, but a couple days to herself in London’s West End to do a bit of shopping along Oxford Street and see some theatre in the evenings makes it worth the torture.


Vacationing in a 15th century castle, gushing with intriguing tales, is Kristina’s dream come true. Until … she uncovers the secrets hidden deep in the castle’s history and her dream turns to a deadly nightmare, when the other five bridesmaids go missing—one by one.


Dying to Marry-Coming Spring 2021

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