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Dying to Divorce-Coming 2021

Coming  2021

Love, honor, and deceive—till death do us part.


Relationship expert Kristina Truly, after her trip to England,  joins her Aunt Mimi in Holland, who is visiting her best friend, Roxana, a millionairess who prefers to be called, Roxy.


A refurbish windmill in the garden of Roxy’s lavish Holland estate is the perfect spot for the fancy party Roxy is throwing to welcome her friends visiting from America. But nothing puts a damper on a soiree faster than when husband number four drops dead, seemingly of a heart attack just after asking for a divorce, and right before the guests arrive.


Before taking his last breath, Roxy finds out her loving hubby, along with his much younger gay lover were planning to clean out her bank account. All he got is—karma. But what’s done is done. Why ruin a good time, when you can call the coroner after a fantastic party.


Hiding a body, and being a delightful host takes some finagling. But Roxy and Mimi have things under control, until Kristina discovers the body, and the coroner discovers Roxy's dead ex has been poisoned. And the killer’s just getting started.

Dying to Divorce-Coming 2021

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