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Dying to Date: Love betrayal, murder—a great first date

When dying to date Mr. Right leads to finding Mr. Wrong—it’s deadly.


Relationship expert Kristina Truly has a proven track record of dating the wrong men. However, her highly publicized romantic failures don’t stop her fans from attending her Finding Mr. Right, Not Mr. Perfect seminars and reading her bestselling relationship self-help books.


After three women are murdered, FBI Agent, Detective Jakes discovers one common link—they’ve all attended Kristina’s workshops. His challenge is to figure out if Kristina is involved in the murders, or if she’s going to be the next victim. One thing is for sure; he’s got his hands full keeping tabs on the sexy as hell Kristina Truly while searching for a deranged serial killer.


Kristina is shocked to learn she’s deeply entangled in Detective Jakes’s criminal investigation. When the brutal killings become personal, Kristina feels somehow responsible. She must help stop the killer or end her career of helping people find true love. Either way, Kristina is in the middle of serious trouble.


Dying to Date: Love betrayal, murder—a great first date

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